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Message from Vice President

Fifteen years ago we, a group of people working in the pharmaceutical sector and sharing the same principles and values, and the same passion for work, decided to make history in our own way. We resolved to set high goals and achieve them applying unswervingly our philosophy to our everyday work.

This common framework of principles and values, in combination with the quality and the abilities of the group members, led to success and established us in the pharmaceutical industry area.

Based on the acceptance by the medical community and equipped with the valuable experience we had derived so far, we decided to found a modern and insightful company with a Greek soul and rigorous standards, MEDICAL Pharmaquality.

MEDICAL  Pharmaquality is to all of us our “home”, the place where our philosophy of life will continue freely to inspire our work and our professional relationships.

Our aim and commitment is to ensure that Medical Pharmaquality is a company always useful to Health and People.

Panayiotis Karayianakos

Vice President and CEO

Medical Pharmaquality